This is a proper old-fashioned pub quiz in the comfort of your own home - no fastest finger first or multiple choice. Play with new people or with an established team, it's up to you! We use breakout rooms to give your team a private space to discuss answers. Our quizzes are on the first Tuesday of every month - doors open at 19:45 UK time (UTC+1), and every Sunday while England is under lockdown.


Tickets cost £2.00 per person; your ticket confirmation will give you the Zoom link that you'll need to join. If you are participating in a team of people, pick a team name and have everyone include that in their registration details. If you are playing on your own, and want to join a team, pick that option and we'll assign you to a team.
The Quiz:
Once it gets to quiz time, just click on the link in the ticket confirmation (or copy and paste it into your internet address bar). Once you have joined the meeting, you need to change your display name so we know who you are:
We collect your answers using something called Survey Monkey; there will be a link in the chat in Zoom. Only one member of your team should submit answers. After the Quizmaster reads each round's questions, you'll be put into individual team rooms called Breakout Rooms for a prescribed time, so you can discuss your answers in private. Fill in your answers on the survey, then click the Submit/Next button once you're done. And that's all there is to it! You'll be brought back into the main room for the answers.